The land warms up in early spring

When the birds seek mates and start to sing.

Acid-green leaves erupt into view

With fresh spring colours in lemony hues.

Sue Wood

Primrose, willow flowers, forsythia

lesser celandine, gorse


The Skylark Returns

The Skylark Returns

Spring has arrived with warming air,
The rain has ceased and the sky is clear.
A gentle breeze is swirling around,
As I hear a familiar distant sound.
Relaxing now, a pleasant surprise!
The lark has returned over the rise.
This tiny brown bird, obscure to see,
Filling the air with a song, so free.
He flies up high and sings his tune,
He glides to the moor but, all too soon.
His rivals take off and are rising high,
A splendid chorus as the minutes pass by…
Sue Wood

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com
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